Modern life is busy... exceptionally busy... and the pace of life isn't going to ease up any time soon...

For many of us life has become an endless, exhausting to-do list.  

Juggling work (often with an energy draining commute), family commitments, fitting in exercise, trying to have a social life or at least half an hour of Netflix before bed and then getting  a decent amount of sleep….. 

Only to wake up again the next day to do it all over again.

Tony Crabbe, business psychologist and author of Busy says, “People are running their lives at breakneck speed and don’t have the energy or perspective to step back and see if there’s a different way of doing things.”

Mindfulness for Busy People is designed to give you the space you need to review and rebalance life.

It is YOUR opportunity to step back and identify a different way of doing things. One that works for you.

Mindfulness as a ‘buzz word’ has increased in popularity over the past decade but put very simply it means to pay attention and focus on the here and now.

Over the course of six weeks we will explore and understand the principles of mindfulness and apply them in a very practical way to our daily life.

In this course you will learn:

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    To become more aware of your day-to-day emotions and thinking habits

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    To develop strategies to help you respond to stressful and difficult situations
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    To find ways to carve out more time in your daily life for the things that you want to do 
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    Simple meditation practices that can help you to make improvements to your life and wellbeing

Each session is a combination of short presentations, discussion, practical exercises and mindfulness practices.

Think of it as a weekly training session for your brain, to help get your mind in tip top shape to handle the stresses and strains of modern life. 

Participants are encouraged to share their personal experiences with the group, although this is not essential. 

The course provides a safe and supportive environment to explore your own experiences and develop your personal mindfulness practice.

What We Cover

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    Introduction to mindfulness – what is it, why is it important and how to meditate (even if you think you can't)

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    Basic principles of mindfulness – moving away from autopilot, responding vs reacting to situations, taming our monkey mind, being OK when things are not OK

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    Making the right choices for YOU – getting clear on what you really want and making space for it, saying no to what you don’t want and getting clear on your boundaries
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    Mindful living – stopping technology/your smartphone from taking over your life

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    Making mindfulness a part of life – getting clear on what being mindful means for you, finding time for meditation, creating space for mindful moments and more

Who This Course Is For

Mindfulness for Busy People is for anybody who is feeling overwhelmed with daily life and wants to find a breathing space to help them review and make changes to their life.

No previous knowledge of mindfulness or meditation is required but you do need to be open and willing to learn and experience new things.

Please note this programme is NOT suitable for anybody looking to manage anxiety, depression or chronic pain using mindfulness techniques.   In these situations Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction will be much more appropriate. Feel free to contact me ( for recommendations of suitable programmes.



Sunday,  7.30pm – 9pm

(18th and 25th February, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th March)


Bell Street Studios

75 Bell St,




Your investment for the six weeks of the course is £175.  Early Bird saving of £25  if booked by 4th February 2018.

What is Included

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    Six x 90 minute face to face sessions in a small, supportive group.

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    Mindfulness For Busy People Course Handbook

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    My Daily Mindfulness Weekly Diary and Habit Tracker
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    Resources to support your daily home practice

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    Access to the My Daily Mindfulness Video Vault with further training to support your learning that you can access when convenient.

What Previous Attendees Say:

About Your Trainer

Nicola Semple My Daily Mindfulness

Nicola Semple has 10 years of experience as a Management Consultant working with large corporates and government departments, combined with 5 years experience working with small business in the online world.

She is  a qualified Professional Mindfulness Practitioner and a graduate of Google's 'Search Inside Yourself: Leadership and Mindfulness' programme. 

Nicola’s sound business knowledge combined with a background in leadership and personal development give her a unique perspective to help busy people live their life more mindfully and with purpose and intention.

She is the founder of My Daily Mindfulness and also blogs on her own site 


Not Sure if Mindfulness For Busy People Is Right For You?

If you are not sure whether Mindfulness For Busy People is the right course for you then feel free to drop Nicola an email ( and we can arrange a time to talk. 

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